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Eden Prairie Tax provides income tax preparation services to individuals, households, self-employed individuals, and small businesses.

We are an authorized IRS e-filer and provide electronic filing of Federal and State income tax returns.

Eden Prairie Tax has the feeling of a boutique and offers personalized service. We will take the time to get to know you as we prepare your returns and look forward to building a long-term relationship. Our customers return year after year and often refer friends and other family members.

Our company culture emphasizes constant learning which encourages us to keep up with the latest tax codes. We strive to provide solutions that ensure your refunds are being maximized, while minimizing any taxes you might owe.

We recognize everyone’s tax situation is unique and are always ready to do extra research on complex tax issues. Our customers can be confident their income taxes are being done properly.

We guarantee someone will answer the phone when you call, or get back to you promptly if you leave a message. Your business is important to us and we don’t take it for granted!

Our office is open year around and conveniently located at the intersection of highways 169 and 62. We are on the southwest corner where Washington meets Flying Cloud Drive.

We look forward to serving you and your family for generations to come!
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Phone: (952) 715-6800
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Authorized IRS e-file Provider

Did You Know?

If you take money out of an IRA and use it for qualified education expenses the proceeds may not be subject to the additional 10 % penalty for early withdrawal (they may be subject to income tax however).

You may be able to contribute to a deductible, traditional IRA even if you and your spouse are covered by a retirement plan at work. This depends on your household income. (The return on this investment in tax savings cannot be beat!)

As a business owner you might want to consider setting up a Simplified Employee Pension plan, in addition to an individual, deductible, traditional IRA.

Roth IRA’s and 401k’s do not offer any tax deductions. You will always be better off contributing to a deductible IRA if you are eligible, or a company sponsored 401k which invests pre-tax dollars.

The National Association of Tax Preparers states over 80% of IRS letters sent to taxpayers are incorrect. Call us as soon as possible if you receive one of these letters.