Eden Prairie Tax provides tax preparation services to individuals, households, self-employed individuals and small businesses.

We are focused on offering value-added advice and will help you organize your financial affairs. Our professionals, combined with our professional tax preparation software, will help us find all the deductions and credits you are entitled to receive. We have a comprehensive interview process and will get to know as much about your situation, as quickly as possible.

Our office is open year around and we encourage our customers to meet with us during the slower summer months to discuss their business concerns, withholding adjustments, or employee benefit sign-up questions.

Services we provide include:

  • Tax preparation for individuals, households, small business owners
  • Estimating and setting up Federal and State tax estimates
  • Preparation of over 20 different state income tax returns
  • Amendments
  • Review IRS and state Department of Revenue letters
  • W7 ITIN applications
  • Prior year returns going back to the year 2000
  • Small business consultations and organizational inquiries
  • Certain estate topics and planning
  • Investment related questions

Authorized IRS e-file Provider

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Did You Know?

Children who live with you can provide tax savings. Maybe you shouldn’t be so happy when they go!

You may qualify for additional tax exemptions if you provide support for your elderly parents or in-laws, whether they live with you or not.

Qualified dividends may actually lower your tax liability.

Certain fees related to investment management of IRA’s e.g. at brokerage firms and banks, may be tax deductible if you pay these fees with proceeds outside the account.

Alimony may not always be considered taxable income if certain stipulations exist in your agreement.

The tax code is over 80,000 pages long! It’s not getting shorter and current Presidential candidates are purporting changes to the code.

The Affordable Care Act has added additional complexities when preparing your income taxes.

Our President of Eden Prairie Tax, Mike Toay, has over 30 years experience working in the financial services industry. Feel free to discuss any tax, economic, market, or other financial questions with him.

Our businesses are growing and we are always interested in meeting with people who might be interested in working with us as tax preparers and associates. Chaska Tax is our most recent Hometown Provider, along with Eden Prairie Tax and Edina Tax.